Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WinMLTool: A Simple WITSML Client

WITSML is widely used nowadays for exchanging well drilling data between parties. As one of service companies who delivers WITSML service, we sometime have no idea if our customers are receiving the data in correct fashion; other than asking them how the data looks at their end. This is the reason behind the writing of this simple utility.

As it is almost impossible (at least for me) to parse every XML document and to generate one every request-response cycle, I decided to look for an API that handles this. Fortunately there is one: NWITSML -- an open source library in .NET for accessing WITSML objects. There is also a more complete functions library and better documentation: Jwitsml if you are more into Java.

This is how the tool look like:

That is a screenshot of the tool running on Wine (Zorin OS) since currently I don't have a Windows box with me, and I also can't show it in action because I should not expose well data to public.

What it actually does is printing lists of available wells and wellbores, and log objects associated to them. Usage is very simple. But please be mind that it only works for API wells; you will get weird values when connecting to metric database.

Click on this link to download or check out the project on GitHub,

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